"Ladyism, it is not just a look, it’s a lifestyle" - Msk.

Certified Etiquette COACH

As your “Koach”, I’ve created a global platform to help you become the most refined lady in the room!

• Etiquette •

Simply defined as a code of polite social behaviors, Etiquette is highly essential in everyday life, dining settings, dressing the part, eloquent communication, and event gatherings! Welcome to the world of impeccable speech, considerate & thoughtful movements coupled with honestly kind interactions that are guaranteed to improve your lifestyle. Schedule your personal Etiquette course today!


The 2hr Intro to Sewing course covers all the basics!

Your sewing machine parts and all of their functions.

Sewing practice using different stitch types.

Your own handmade project by the end of class.

All class materials including machinery are  provided by MsK the Koach™️

Advanced courses are available following the intro class!

• Inspired •

” Home is where my sewing machine is. ” – Unknown